30 May - 2 June 2022 - Reading Week 2021-2022

30 May - 02 Jun 2022

From the week of 30th May to 2nd June, The Reading Committee held their annual Reading Week, filled with lots of engaging activities to promote reading across the whole school.


On Monday, the Inter-class Guess the Book Quiz began, in which each class’s reading knowledge was put to the test. A pre-selected list of 10 popular books were shared, and 2 book-related questions were asked daily - one in English and one in Chinese. Each class had to work together to figure out which book the questions were related to and submit their answers daily, with class S2TW claiming the class prize.


On Tuesday, the long-awaited results of Reading Challenge Bingo were announced. Launched in October, Reading Challenge Bingo encouraged staff and students to diversify their reading habits by reading books from a range of categories in order to win points and prizes. For each category, students submitted quality written book reviews or 1-minute review videos to share their thoughts and recommendations. Over 8 months, a total of 230 book reviews were submitted and displayed as recommended reading in the school library. Book voucher prizes were awarded to 38 passionate students, and a class prize was also awarded for the class with the highest participation: S2TW with 61 book reviews submitted.


On Wednesday, The Reading Committee hosted a charity book sale called ‘Blind Date with a Book’. In this event, pre-loved books were donated by staff and students. After wrapping the books in paper, a series of ‘clues’ were then written about each book based on the content, thereby encouraging staff and students to ‘not judge a book by its cover’. Due to the popularity of the event, all books sold out on the first day of the sale, with over $900 raised for our chosen reading charity, Bring Me a Book Hong Kong. The charity provides quality books and reading training programmes for families across Hong Kong.


To culminate the week of reading, our S1-S3 students had an online DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) session on Thursday to read a book of their choice.


Meanwhile, in the S4-S5 assembly, we were honored to invite Miss Natalia Chan to introduce us to the cross-cultural creation of poetry and art. Poetry is not only an independent art of writing, but also a bridge across cultures which should not be limited by format or frame. Miss Natalia Chan used "Chinese Heroes" as a series of clues to tell students about comics, dance dramas, and the poem "Non-related Accidents" was created after the performance.


Later, Miss Natalia Chan shared her poems, written in 2013 in memory of Leslie Cheung, about the changes in Hong Kong. Students learnt that writing sincerely and expressing themselves in words is a force that time cannot erase. It was a fruitful and meaningful event which was well received by students.


All in all, Reading Week was a great success and helped to promote reading for pleasure across the whole learning community. Students expressed great enthusiasm about the events, and The Reading Committee is already excited to plan next year’s Reading Week.