Student Council

Student Council 18-19

“I want to organize more activities for my fellow schoolmates!”
Wyn Kon of S4CY, Chairperson of Student Council 2019-20


“I joined the SC purely because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and aim for a seemingly impossible goal. A year ago, even in my wildest dreams, I wouldn’t have seen myself in the place I am today.”
Emily Lai of S5KS, Chairperson of Student Council 2018-19


The word, “Avant”, comes from the phrase, “Avant-Garde’, which refers to thinkers who bring new, modern and innovative ideas to the table. Looking at the current Student Council cabinet’s name, “Avant”, we know how passionate these young leaders are in bringing changes and creative ideas to make the school a better place for everyone.

Student Council Voting

Each year, students who are interested in serving the student body as Student Council members will form a cabinet and write a proposal. They present their ideas to students and teachers during Assembly with students asking follow-up questions. The whole process is challenging yet meaningful as students learn to listen to their peers’ voices and views. It is believed that through this exercise the council could better understand the needs of their peers and heed the criticisms in order to move forward and become better student leaders. Our student body also learns to give active constructive responses to peers when giving feedback to them.

Apart from making the school life of their peers more enjoyable by organizing festive activities like an “Escape Room” and “Cotton Candy Treat”, our Student Council also takes part in community service and engages students to help the needy by organizing Dress Down Days. Rather than merely bringing money to school for fund raising, they urge students to show concern for the sustainability of our community by donating old clothes or food. We hope that students will be able to develop their empathy and be true global citizens who show love and care to our community.