Teaching Community


Ms. CHEN Hing, Corina


Vice Principal

Mr. CHAN Newman


Assistant Principal

Mr. CHIU Chris
Mr. HINDES Stephen
Mr. LAM Gary
Mr. YEUNG Arthur


Teaching Staff

Mr.CHAK JerryS5CC Class Teacher, Citizenship & Social Development, Life and Society Teacher
Mr.CHAN AlanS5BW Class Teacher, Head of PSHE, Economics, Business Studies Teacher
Mr.CHAN BensonS1G Class Teacher, IT Admin Coordinator, Information and Communication Technology Teacher
Mr.CHAN BrianS6WC Class Teacher, Liberal Studies and Life and Society Teacher
Mr.CHAN Che WaiChinese History Teacher
Ms.CHAN ChongS1U Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.CHAN ClaraS1C Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Mr.CHAN DavisS3H Class Teacher, Physics and Mathematics Teacher
Ms.CHAN JasmineEnglish Teacher
Ms.CHAN JessicaS6CC Class Teacher, Chinese and Chinese Literature Teacher
Ms.CHAN SoyingS3 Head of Year, Mathematics and Physics Teacher
Mr.CHAN SunnyS6YC Class Teacher, Examination and Assessment Committee Coordinator, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.CHAN SusannaS3K Class Teacher, Chinese History Teacher
Ms.CHAN WingS6WC Class Teacher, Mathematics Coordinator (Senior), Mathematics Teacher
Ms.CHANG ViennaPhase Leader (S1-S2), Chinese Teacher
Mr.CHENG HoraceS6CW Class Teacher, Head of Mathematics, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.CHENG JennyS1K Class Teacher, Drama Teacher
Mr.CHEUK LaurenceS3A Class Teacher, Head of Technology, Information and Communication Technology Teacher
Ms.CHEUNG AristaS1K Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Mr.CHEUNG KenS6TW Class Teacher, Head of Chinese, Chinese Teacher
Mr.CHING BenjaminDeputy Head of English, English Teacher
Ms.CHIU EstherS5CL Class Teacher, Chinese Coordinator (Senior), Chinese Teacher
Mr.CHOI WilsonS1C Class Teacher, History, Humanities Teacher
Ms.CHOW KatieS6CW Class Teacher, BAFS(Business Management) and Business Studies Teacher
Mr.CHOW MichaelS4A Class Teacher, Head of School Self-evaluation, Economics Teacher
Mr.CHU NickS6CC Class Teacher, Economics Teacher
Ms.CHUI NicoleS4G Class Teacher, Biology and Science Teacher
Mr.CHUNG BrianS5CM Class Teacher, Physics Teacher
Ms.FAN CeciliaS4A Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.FOK PhoebeS2U Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Mr.FONG AlanS3K Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.HO AndaS1S Class Teacher, PSHE Coordinator (Geography), Geography, Humanities and Life and Society Teacher
Mr.HO AndresS5LC Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.IP AnnaS4U Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.IP SophieS1A Class Teacher, English Teacher
Mr.JIANG BertramS1S Class Teacher, Information and Communication Technology Teacher
Mr.KONG ChapmanS2C Class Teacher, Science Coordinator (Physics), Physics and Science Teacher
Mr.KUK DanielS1A Class Teacher, Aesthetics Coordinator, Music Teacher
Ms.KWOK OliviaS1S Class Teacher, English, English Literature Teacher
Mr.LAI PatrickS4G Class Teacher, Head of Inclusive and Gifted Education, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.LAM EunicePhysical Education Teacher
Ms.LAM JacquelineS2H Class Teacher, Humanities Teacher
Mr.LAM MattS5CL Class Teacher, Chemistry and Science Teacher
Mr.LAM MatthewS4H Class Teacher, Chemistry Teacher
Ms.LAMBERT JennaS1H Class Teacher, English Coordinator (Reading), English Teacher
Mr.LAW HimS2A Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Mr.LEE DominicS2A Class Teacher, English Teacher
Mr.LEE SeanS1U Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Mr.LEUNG JimmyS3U Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.LEUNG KellyS1H Class Teacher, Science Teacher
Mr.LEUNG TomS2K Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.LI AngelaS1A Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.LI EmilyS1G Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.LI EstherS2A Class Teacher, Head of Sports, Physical Education Teacher
Ms.LI EuniceS5LC Class Teacher, Mathematics Coordinator (Junior), Mathematics Teacher
Ms.LIU FionaS4H Class Teacher, English Teacher
Ms.LU CathlinaS5BW Class Teacher, Lead Teacher (English), English Teacher
Mr.MA ThomasS2K Class Teacher, History and Humanities Teacher
Ms.MA VanessaS5CM Class Teacher, English Coordinator, English Teacher
Mr.MAK DanielS2G Class Teacher, Science and Chemistry Teacher
Mr.MOHAMMAD HassanS2H Class Teacher, English Teacher
Mr.MOHAMMAD ThairHead of English, Head of Cross-curricular and Publications, English Teacher
Mr.NANTIYAKUL TeerawatS1C Class Teacher, Science and Physics Teacher
Ms.NG JanetS2H Class Teacher, Technology & Living Teacher
Ms.PAIGE NicoleS1U Class Teacher, English Teacher
Mr.REVERMAN BrianVisual Arts Teacher
Ms.SHAM RobertaS2G Class Teacher, Career and Life Planning Coordinator, English Teacher
Ms.SHEIK ZarifaS3U Class Teacher, Science Coordinator (Chemistry), Chemistry Teacher
Ms.SHUM DorothyHead of Public Relations and Admission, Head of Career and Life Planning, Biology Teacher
Ms.SO CherryS4K Class Teacher, Citizenship & Social Development and Life and Society Teacher
Ms.SU Chao YingS3H Class Teacher, Visual Arts Teacher
Mr.SUM FreddieHead of Activities and Events, English Teacher
Ms.TAM RachelS3A Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.THINAKARAN DeenaS2K Class Teacher, English Teacher
Ms.THONG EvelynS2C Class Teacher, Visual Arts Teacher
Ms.TO LorraineHead of Student Leadership, Phase Leader (S5-S6), English and English Literature Teacher
Ms.TSAI ChristyS6TW Class Teacher, Science Coordinator (Biology), Biology Teacher
Mr.TSANG LeoS4U Class Teacher, Humanities and Geography Teacher
Mr.TSE WoodyS4 Head of Year, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.TSO JennyS5CC Class Teacher, Head of Chinese Culture Enhancement, Chinese Coordinator (Senior), Chinese Teacher
Ms.TSUI AthenaS2U Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Ms.WAHAB ZakiyyahS3U Class Teacher, English Teacher
Mr.WAN DamonS4K Class Teacher, PSHE Deputy Head, BAFS(Accounting) Teacher
Ms.WAN PingS3A Class Teacher, Physical Education Teacher
Mr.WANG YuS6TW Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Mr.WONG TimothyS1 Head of Year, Liberal Studies and Citizenship & Social Development Teacher
Ms.WONG YukkiS3G Class Teacher, Information and Communication Technology Teacher
Ms.YAM LydiaS6YC Class Teacher, Chinese Teacher
Mr.YEUNG DannyS3G Class Teacher, Physical Education Teacher
Mr.YEUNG RickyS1K Class Teacher, Mathematics Teacher
Ms.YEUNG YonS1G Class Teacher, Chinese Coordinator (Junior), Chinese Teacher
Mr.YU JonathanHead of IT Admin, S6 Head of Year, Mathematics Teacher
Mr.YU SebastianS2U Class Teacher, Head of LS & CSD, Head of MCNSE, LS and CSD Teacher


Non-Teaching Staff

Mr.YEUNG EricAccounting Officer
Mr.HO MartinAdministration Officer
Mr.HUNG AlexAdministration Officer
Ms.LI JoanAdministration Officer
Ms.LO OliviaAdministrative Officer (Career Guidance)
Ms.AU TinaAdministration Staff
Ms.CHOW FannyAdministration Staff
Ms.LAU WinnieAdministration Staff
Ms. LEE HeidiAdministration Staff
Ms.LEUNG IreneAdministration Staff
Ms,NG AnnAdministration Staff
Mr.TAM RaymondAdministration Staff
Ms.YIM KathyAdministration Staff
Mr.YIP Chi HungAdministration Staff
Ms.LEUNG MaggieActivity Assistant
Mr.LO Ivan IT Officer
Mr.YIU ChrisSenior IT Technician
Mr.WONG LeoIT Technician
Ms.MA CleoSenior Laboratory Technician
Ms.CHAN CarmenLaboratory Technician
Mr.LEE JeffLaboratory Technician
Ms.KUK MelodyLibrarian
Ms.CHU YokiSchool Nurse (Part-time)
Ms.AU RonnyStudent Counselor
Ms.CHEUNG KlaraStudent Counselor
Ms.HUI YaniStudent Counselor
Ms.KWAN JoeyStudent Counselor