Quest for Truth

QUEST FOR TRUTH. The words alone share how lofty a goal this is, indeed.


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  • long search for something, especially for some quality…
  • (Origin: based on Latin quaerere ‘ask, seek’)


  • the true facts about something, rather than the things that have been invented or guessed
  • the quality or state of being based on fact
  • a fact that is believed by most people to be true
  • (Origin: Old English trīewth, trēowth ‘faithfulness, constancy’)


Understanding that the QUEST FOR TRUTH is at the heart of lifelong learning, and what is true today may not be tomorrow, are relatively easy ideas to embrace nowadays. The greater challenge, perhaps, is to come to an understanding that information alone, although necessary, is, none-the-less, insufficient, as it may answer the ‘what’ and ‘how’ but may not address the ‘why’, or the fundamental purpose of having such ‘truth’ in hand. From this perspective, we invite our learners to explore, discover and question - to join the conversation and prepare to contribute to it through informed ideas. We also invite them to reflect on how such ‘truths’ can be harnessed to empower them as individuals and as members of the larger local and global communities.


This is why Strive for Virtue Quest for Truth go hand-in-hand. As it is only by filtering ‘truth’ through our values and ideals that we can decide what meaningful path to take with such knowledge in hand.


Within these pages, we invite you to explore the paths our learners discover, explore, and enjoy, as well as the new paths they create, as we guide them on the secondary school leg of their lifelong QUEST FOR TRUTH.