My Purpose with a Global View


The elements of intercultural mindedness as well as global issues are embedded within the curriculum.  However, this is by no means the only way in which this learning is promoted as we also capitalised on a number of other means to expose our students to the wider world.



The Student Learning Trips are described in more detail within the What’s Out There page of this website, as well as the trips to CERS (China Exploration & Research Society) locations and others that consolidate subject knowledge as well as develop Intercultural Mindedness.



The AFS student exchange programme is another means by which we promote the interflow between our students and other cultures. For the past four years, we have accepted exchange students from different countries around the world, as well as having some of our students go abroad for an academic year.  There are multiple activities that make this a meaningful programme, from whole-school Assemblies to small group meetings and sharing of cultural elements. Currently, the countries that our AFS students have originated from are: Denmark, Italy, Hungary and Japan. Our students have also gone to Argentina, Italy and the USA.