Q1: Which levels will HKUGA College operate in 2024-2025?

A: The school will operate Secondary 1 to Secondary 6 in 2024-2025.


Q2: How many S1 students will be accepted for the 2024-2025 school year? How many places are open to public application, after deducting those reserved for HKUGA Primary School graduates?

A: The school will operate 6 Secondary 1 classes, providing 200 places. In 2024-2025, there will be 80 places open for public application after deducting those reserved for HKUGA Primary School graduates.


Q3: Can one apply to your school and other government aided schools at the same time?

A: A student can apply for both our school and other government aided schools. However, once an S1 place is offered by our school and accepted by the parent, the parent has to sign an undertaking, agreeing to forfeit any other government aided school places.


Q4: If the parents do not sign the undertaking when their child is accepted by HKUGA College, will the child still get a chance to enroll after the announcement of the Central Allocation result?

A: The school will not reserve any place for children whose parents have not signed the letter of undertaking.


Q5: How do you select students for an interview?

A: All applicants will be invited for the first round of interviews in 6 January 2024. As for the second round of interviews, the selection is based on students' performance in the first interviews, primary school academic results, learning attitude, school comments, parents' support, co-curricular activities and community service.


Q6: What are the criteria for Secondary 1 admissions?

A: We look for students who perform well in the following areas: academic results, learning attitude, interview performance, conduct, co-curricular activities and community service. As our medium of instruction is English, students with high language competency will be more suitable.


Selection CriteriaWeighting
Academic results40%
Non-academic achievements15%
Interview Performance40%
Others (e.g. siblings studying at HKUGAC or HKUGAPS)5%


Q7: What is the quota for students outside the School Net?

A: Our school is open to applicants from all over Hong Kong, without district restriction.


Q8: Can students younger than the standard age of 11 years old apply to your school? Or will you consider older ones?

A: We are admitting students of 11 to 12 years old. Students outside this range will only be considered on very special grounds.


Student Development

Q9: Some students are more capable than others. How do you view the less talented ones?

A: We believe that every student has the potential for development.


Q10: How does the school view its disciplinary system? In what way will the school handle students with behavioural concerns?

A: We believe that all students are good by nature. For individual students with behavioural concerns, necessary action and counseling will be provided to help them understand the importance of integrity, self-discipline and social responsibility.


Q11: Is there a moral and civic education programme in your school? How does the programme respond to the needs of students and parents?

A: We do not expound moral and civic education artificially. Rather, elements of moral and civic education will be integrated into our curriculum, in all our subjects and in our daily lives. Our teachers and staff are exemplary role models of good behaviour. The school will be in close communication with parents.



Q12: What is the medium of instruction in your school?

A: The medium of instruction is English. We use Putonghua in Chinese Language in junior forms and Cantonese in senior forms.


Q13: Is there any continuity between the curriculum of HKUGA Primary School and that of HKUGA College?

A: We have the same vision, mission, guiding principles and education philosophy.


Q14: Is there any special enrichment programme for academically outstanding students?

A: The College provides acceleration programmes for gifted students and students with good abilities, with additional training both in and out of school, according to individual needs. The College also offers scholarships to students who demonstrate considerable skill in certain areas of the curriculum. There will also be Enrichment Programmes for those with needs.


Fee Remission and Scholarship

Q15: What is the upper limit of a family income in your School Fee Remission Programme?

A: Basically, we have formed a standard mechanism for our Fee Remission Scheme. For details please refer to the Financial Assistance page.


Q16: Is there any Scholarship programme specially for S1 applicants?

A: The College provides scholarships for S1 applicants which are awarded on individual merits up to the full amount of the school fees. For details please refer to the Scholarship page.