18 October 2020 - Python Application Challenge: The Day of Competition

18 Oct 2020

The Python Application Challenge is a set of events co-held by the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education and Educational Technology (EdTech) provider Winstar Enterprise, aiming at teaching and spreading the use of modern programming language, Python, to the next generation. After two online training sessions, the competition provided an opportunity for participants to showcase what they have learned during the past two months.


Our school has sent 3 teams, each with 2 students from S3 to S4, to compete among around 20 teams. Students were expected to demonstrate their knowledge pertaining to the fundamentals of Python and the mechanism of the official robot, built from a set of Artec 2.0 building blocks, provided by Winstar Enterprises.


The principal of the hosting school, Mr. Kam Wai Ming, gave an opening speech before the details of the obstacle course were released to participants. Competitors had around 90 minutes to code and attempt to program the robot to complete the obstacle course. Points were given based on the completion of different tasks, which required students to direct the robot to accomplish various tasks including line-tracing, showing numbers with LED light, and pushing an object from the starting point to the finishing line. Teams were given 2 chances each, with an additional 1-hour interval between the first and second attempt.


Our students have achieved satisfactory results in the competition. One team has won the first runner-up while the other teams have received merit certification. The prizes were given out by both Mr. Kim and Miss Lui, the manager of Winstars Enterprise. The award ceremony marked the end of the memorable event.


Our students were content with the result and our problem-solving skills have definitely been strengthened through the competition. After reviewing our performances and looking into our strengths and growth opportunities with a growth mindset, we cannot wait to continue to test our limits in the upcoming competitions and pursue in the quest for positive achievements.


S4TW Justin Travis Chan