The curriculum comprises three Areas of Study. The three Areas of Study are all broad areas of concern about the human condition and the contemporary world. The Area of  Study  “Self  and  Personal  Development”  allows  students  to  develop  an  understanding  of  themselves and a positive outlook on life. The Area of Study “Society and Culture” is to let students  understand  the  socio-cultural  development  of  the  local  community,  the  nation,  and  the  world.  The  Area  of  Study  “Science,  Technology  and  the  Environment”  is  to  cultivate  students’ awareness of how science, technology and human activities affect the environment. The  three  Areas  of  Study  are  not  independent  fields  of  knowledge  or  self-disciplines.  They  have interconnections among them. Students are encouraged to apply the understandings and perspectives developed in one area to the study of the others whenever possible.


2324 Curriculum Handbook Life and Society

2324 Curriculum Handbook Citizenship, Economics abd Society

2324 Curriculum Handbook Citizenship and Social Development