General PE Curriculum

Our general PE curriculum focuses on providing a variety of sports to students, like Archery; Funk Jazz and Lacrosse. It broadens students’ horizons through them experiencing fruitful PE lessons. Our curriculum develops positive sport-related values, attitudes and desirable moral behaviour, and encourages students to transfer them to all walks of life.


Students will have a better understanding of the benefits of regular exercise; the lessons also aim to further enhance students' knowledge and interest in various sports. The practical lessons will enhance the students' interest in sports and boost their confidence through fun-filled games and sports with modified rules.


Senior PE Elective Curriculum

It is designed to help students to develop a good foundation for further studies in the areas of science, the humanities and the social sciences. It builds on the foundation of General PE and advances students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in PE, sport and recreation, whether they aim to be elite athletes or are just interested in sport and physical activity.


This curriculum aims to develop students’ interest and explore more about the knowledge of body maintenance. Students will learn how to build a strong and healthy body.


2324 Curriculum Handbook PE (Junior)

2324 Curriculum Handbook PE (Senior)