2020-2021 Student Leaders’ Inauguration Ceremony


The first ever virtual Inauguration Ceremony was held on the Seventeenth of December, 2020. In the ceremony, we were honoured to hear insightful speeches given by our principal, Ms Corina Chen, as well as a handful of student leaders, including Marcus Chan (2019-2020 Student Council Secretary), Wyn Kon (2019-2020 Student Council President), Zoey Cheah (2020-2021 Charity Leader and Vice Peer Counsellor), and Lucas Gu (2020-2021 Student Council President).



The ceremony began with a short clip showing the highlights of the student leadership activities in 2019-2020. Afterwards, Marcus Chan gave a brief introduction of the different student leadership teams — The Prefect Team, Student Council, Peer Counsellors Team, Charity Team and Houses. He also shared his own experience as a Student Council member. Then, Wyn Kon expressed her gratitude to the students and her cabinet members for their enthusiasm in the past year and reminded us to view things optimistically. After that, Zoey Cheah thanked the teachers in charge of Student Leadership, and talked about her experience as a charity leader. Next, Ms Corina Chen told us how she hoped the new student leaders would share the same enthusiasm, pride and dedication as the previous leaders. She also encouraged all students to see the online schooling period as a great chance for them to reflect on their studies, develop good habits and harness their character strengths. Following that, Lucas Gu briefly introduced the Student Council’s upcoming plan for the school year, such as the establishment of the Transparency Act in January 2021. At the end, our new student leaders wished the student body all the best in this challenging and exciting year.



There is no doubt that all students found this event awarding and were inspired by our leaders and the Principal. This was a rare experience for our student leaders too. They had worked hard together to make this event possible. Let us wish the student leaders the best of luck in the upcoming year and hope that all students will continue to thrive on despite all the obstacles ahead.



Jing Yee Tam S5YC