21 & 23 February 2023 – St. James’ Settlement Career Live Simulation Game


S5 students went to St. James’ Settlement’s Career Live Simulation Game on the 21st and 23rd of February, 2023 in Wan Chai. The game was hosted by volunteers and the organizers of St. James’ Settlement. Aiming to encourage students to explore different types of career fields to investigate the skills and characteristics required to excel in the field.


In the game, three trials were held to allow students to attempt jobs in 3 different fields. Namely: medicine, hospitality, media, design, engineering, marketing and Esports. This wide variety of fields allows us to have a brief taste and overview of a diverse range of job types, giving us abundant opportunities to explore and expand our understanding. In the 30 minutes we spent in each field, we were all able to get hands-on experience and tried out different tasks related to the career field. It was engaging and eye-opening as we can use specific tools that are commonly used in the job. Such as using a hand-held balance to measure Chinese medicine ingredients and pushing the food trolley in a makeshift aeroplane. These are all thoughtful components that added value to the experience.


By the end, the volunteers told us the skills and strengths required for working in the field and led us into a discussion on the skills we have that can be utilized in different careers. These discussions gave students a better understanding of the potential career fields they may pursue and provoked reflections among students.


Gyneth Mok (S5CL)