6 October 2022 - 2nd Big House Meeting


The 2nd big house meeting was held on Thursday, 06 October 2022, in period 7. The primary objectives of the big house meeting are to prepare House members for the annual Sports Day, update information and enjoy bonding time.


Firstly, the overall atmosphere and performance were satisfactory in the first part of the meeting. The house captains confidently informed members about the details of sports day, while members were patient and paid full attention to the presenters. When mentioning house points and the current ranking, a heated discussion was triggered. The current ranking might not meet our expectations. However, the member's passion towards the house was fully shown. We can feel that members were eager to participate in future events and gain more house points for the house in order to achieve a higher ranking. Generally, this session was bonded by our house spirit and smoothly performed.


Then proceeding to the cheering practice session, House Captains prepared a handful of new slogans for sports day cheering. The captains led the demonstration and practice, then followed by the members. Understandably, some members might feel shy and uncomfortable cheering indoors; however, most did try their best to follow the beats and clap their hands together.


We look forward to seeing house members engaging actively on sports day, and we are confident that the cheering performance on sports day will be spiritual and united.


Lastly, in the mini-game session, Captains originally planned to play the online game, ‘scribble’. However, the game could not be conducted smoothly due to an unexpected situation with the school Wi-Fi. It is appreciated that during the uncontrollable situation, members stayed patient and showed their understanding. A plan B might be a method to avoid similar problems from occurring next time.


It is a good start, with passionate members’ continuous contributions. We look forward to striving for the best and working together as a team.


Jamie Li, S5BW House Captain of Gandhi

6 October 2022 - 2nd Big House Meeting6 October 2022 - 2nd Big House Meeting6 October 2022 - 2nd Big House Meeting6 October 2022 - 2nd Big House Meeting6 October 2022 - 2nd Big House Meeting6 October 2022 - 2nd Big House Meeting