16-18 April 2024 - S3 Business Fair


After selling our products, we found that it was a tiring yet fruitful experience. Preparing our sales was like a chef preparing a feast while playing chess. When we sold all our notebooks, we felt a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Moreover, the business fair provided us with an opportunity to learn the importance of collaboration. As we navigated the challenges and worked towards our common goal, we learnt that when we come together as a team. By optimising each other’s productivity and collaborating effectively, we were able to accomplish far more than we could as individuals.


There were also times when the business sale clashed with our work related to Student Council elections and the different activities that we had. Luckily, after some discussion and negotiation, some of us were able to go to the business fair while some did work related to the Student Council. We also promoted effectively on the day - minimum promotion had been done prior to the sale, so few people knew about us. Luckily, we made a profit thanks to our hot-selling notebooks.


During the business fair, we were astonished by how well the notebooks were selling but other products like essential oils were not as popular. Yet, we still gained a fair amount of profit and could make donations to our selected charitable organisation. Even though everyone in our team had other engagements over the period, we were always dedicated to our business, trying our best and never giving up until the last moment.


Overall, the business fair was undeniably a fulfilling and unforgettable experience for us to understand the basics of formulating a company and marketing products.


S3H Caitlyn Choy, Ginny Lam, Ernest Leung, Aiden Kui and Jacob Zhou

16-18 April 2024 - S3 Business Fair16-18 April 2024 - S3 Business Fair16-18 April 2024 - S3 Business Fair16-18 April 2024 - S3 Business Fair