12-23 October 2020 - Alumni Bi-week Sharing


The 2020-21 Alumni Bi-week Sharing was concluded successfully on 23rd October. We are glad to have had 15 alumni holding 13 sharing sessions since 12th October. The sessions were all supported by over 200 students.


The variety of alumni caters the needs of different students in our school. We have alumni studying in science-related subjects, business, arts and design, journalism, law and social sciences. Some are studying in local universities, overseas or progressed from associate degree to bachelor degree. In order to suit our students’ interests, students were given the chance to choose which sessions to attend.


The sharing was amazingly fruitful. It was precious to have alumni sharing their own experiences because such information cannot be obtained from a university open day. Their sharing was very meaningful especially for the seniors as they are going through the same struggles and are as clueless as the alumni were in the past. For example, how to decide which university programme to study, the details and requirements for some popular subjects, interview tips and the preparation that could be done before entering university. After their sharing, students would be able to make a more comprehensive decision.


There was one special session which invited alumni who progressed from associate degree to bachelor degree in a local university. It may not be a common phenomenon for our graduates, however their hard work and positivity was definitely inspiring. They delivered a message telling students not to give up regardless of how they performed in HKDSE because they can always end up studying a bachelor degree with perseverance and industry.


The whole event was extremely informative and well-rounded. Students must have gained a lot from the event and should have a better understanding of different paths they can choose in the future.


Harika Yung, S5LT