11 April 2024 - Froops Day


The S2 Froops unit gives students hands-on experience in developing and pitching ideas and selling products. This year, the S2 has put tremendous effort into coming up with food product ideas with comprehensive campaign concepts, ultimately selecting the best group in their respective classes and putting all of it into action, pitching in front of the school in the Froops Assembly, in hopes of winning Froops Day – an event where they compete to make as much profit as possible and raise money for donation. 


Held on the 11th of April, Froops Day was one of the most competitive events the school had hosted throughout the academic year. Stalls were set up around the amphitheatre, selling a wide range of products, ranging from red velvet cookies to mochi donuts. Everything came to life during lunch, when our students started selling the products. Lines and lines of people were in front of the stalls, waiting to take a bite of what the S2 had to offer. Advertising strategies were used to their fullest, including cheering slogans, discount coupons and social media posts. 


In the end, Mango Magic, a mango pudding presented by the representative company under the name of Who Let Bro Cook was the winner of Froops Day, making a profit of around $2000, nearly a third of the total profits of all companies which was a grand total of $6598. All profits were donated to Feeding Hong Kong, a charity that gives meals to local crisis shelters. It is safe to say that all students have highly benefited through this unit and that Froops Day was a success.


S2H Magnus Cheng

11 April 2024 - Froops Day11 April 2024 - Froops Day11 April 2024 - Froops Day11 April 2024 - Froops Day11 April 2024 - Froops Day11 April 2024 - Froops Day