1-5 July 2019 – STEM Trip 2019


18 S5 students travelled to Japan from 1st to 5th July. The 5-day-trip enabled them to appreciate cutting-edge technology by visiting major technology development centres. They also had the opportunity to enrich themselves by learning science knowledge outside school curriculum coverage through visits to museums.


Panasonic Centre The centre displays various electronics that can be used as educational tools for science and maths. There are also conceptual products designed by Panasonic that are yet to be sold.


Nissan Car Factory The steps needed to transform bits of metal into a fully functioning car are introduced in the factory. Students had hands-on experience which allowed them to explore the scientific rationales behind the machines in the factory.


National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Robots are the icon of Japanese technology. There, students watched a robot show and 'communicated' with robots. They also explored the future of medicine and preventive measures of diseases in the museum.


Mitsubishi Minatomirai Museum The museum provides several simulation experiences, allowing visitors to pilot a submarine, a plane, a helicopter, etc. Science principles behind the design of transportations are displayed for students to relate science theories to their practical uses.

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