8 September 2022 - House Orientation Day

08 Sep 2022
Student Leadership

New year, new start. To begin our school year, house teachers and we, as house captains, have organized some activities for the house orientation day, aiming to bring a unique and memorable experience to light up the start of the year.


One of the activities was 'Catch me if you can!'. Members wrote their goals of the year on a paper plane and had to throw them into a paper box; 3 representatives from each house would be the catchers. It was a scorching and sunny day, and we understand that members felt uncomfortable. We truly appreciate all of your support and passion! We hope all your goals and your dreams will come true!


There was also a photo-taking task; this activity required all house members to work together cooperatively. They had to stand still and form characters for photo taking. We captains would like to thank all teachers and students for their patience. Without your help, it would not be easy to finish all activities and tasks smoothly!


We believe the most exciting part of the day would be the cheering showcase. It was an epic experience that all houses had a chance to cheer and battle with each other, just like what we usually do during sports day. We strongly felt the members' enthusiasm, and we were glad to have the opportunity to be alongside you all as house captains!


All of us as house captains enjoy spending time with our house members, especially during the pandemic; we cherish the time to meet every single one of you and hope you all would enjoy it too!


The school year of 22-23 has just begun, and we look forward to future house events, hoping to bring a fruitful year to all members!


Laozi House Captains

S5BW Ty Ka Ching Kathryn
S5CL Wong Sze Wui
S4A Chan Lok Ching

8 September 2022 - House Orientation Day8 September 2022 - House Orientation Day8 September 2022 - House Orientation Day8 September 2022 - House Orientation Day8 September 2022 - House Orientation Day