8-10 May 2024 - House Dance Competition

08 - 10 May 2024

After quite a few months of hard work, the highly anticipated annual house dance competition was finally held on the 8 to 10th of May. It was such a spectacular performance and an extraordinary display of talent brought out by all six houses! Newton and Suukyi set the tone for the competition on the first day with their remarkable performances, followed by impressive dance moves from Laozi and Austen on the second day, and with Gandhi and Copland leaving a lasting impression on the last day, marking the end of this three-day event.


Due to weather conditions, the dance competition this year was held in the hall instead of the amphitheater. With six of our teachers acting as the judges for this competition, the hall was also fully filled with other students and teachers keen to support and get a glimpse at the long-prepared performances by their own houses. Though there was a switch in venue, performing in the hall had its benefits as well. The crowd was much more packed, thus the cheers and claps from the audience were amplified and echoed in the hall. The vibe that filled the hall was just truly amazing, very fun and supportive. Those cheers from the crowd definitely made the efforts from all six houses pay off. In the end, Copland was the Champion, followed by Laozi and Newton in second and third places respectively.


Regardless of the results, the dance competition this year was undeniably an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone!


House Captain of Copland

Ron Yip

8-10 May 2024 - House Dance Competition8-10 May 2024 - House Dance Competition8-10 May 2024 - House Dance Competition