2 Jun 2024 - Visit to the Goethe-Institut

02 Jun 2024

When thinking of further studies abroad, Germany would not readily be the first country that comes to mind to anybody. Yet it was refreshing to learn more about German culture and the possibilities of pursuing tertiary education in Germany. We were welcomed to the Goethe-Institut with a warm introduction by extremely friendly staff.


It was fascinating to learn about what the learning culture in Germany was like. Not only were there statistics, but there was also a sharing by a Hong Kong local who studied in Germany for their university. It was definitely intriguing to hear about real experiences that happened to the speaker, as it further showcased how life abroad would be like if we were to go to Germany for our tertiary education ourselves.


What was more, we were able to try some of the drinks that are popular in Germany. In Hong Kong, we would easily come across combinations of drinks, like vanilla ice cream with Coca Cola and sour lemon with sprite. In Germany, they would mix Fanta with Coca-Cola, which was definitely a first for many of us at the visit. Despite this new combination, the drink did not taste bad at all. It was undoubtedly a precious opportunity to visit the Goethe-Institut and to be able to experience all these new things and learn more about Germany!


S5K (21) Elizabeth Wan

S5U (10) Janice Lee

2 Jun 2024 - Visit to the Goethe-Institut2 Jun 2024 - Visit to the Goethe-Institut2 Jun 2024 - Visit to the Goethe-Institut