17 April 2024 - Student Council Election

17 Apr 2024
Student Leadership

The 15th Student Council Election was held on 17th of April, 2024, with the involvement of the whole student body, electing the Student Council of the academic year 2024-2025. 


A series of events were held to pave the way for the election in March. Ms. Sophie Ip, Ms. Jacqueline Lam, Mr. Chapman Kong and Mr. Daniel Mak were invited as guest speakers in a senior assembly on the theme of “Positive Engagement: Student Leadership Experience”. They shared their growth, challenges and rewards they experienced during their time as student leaders. A few days later, the Student Council held their Annual General Meeting at the Amphitheatre to present their activities held throughout the year, and gave an overview of the operation of the Student Council to the student body. Meetings were hosted by the Returning Officers to students who were interested to be part of the Student Council.


Three cabinets, Illumina, ZenoNet, and Concordia, applied for the 15th Student Council Election. The proposed cabinets submitted their proposals and promotion campaign, outlining their visions and goals on becoming a Student Council. During the Promotion Period, the three proposed cabinets promoted themselves through a variety of means, including social media postings, souvenirs giveaway, posters and even a debate at lunch.


17th April was the Official Election Day. Students made independent and rational votes and the election was a success, with a total of 441 people voting (54% of S1-5 students), setting a new highest voting rate. Concordia, by holding 33% of valid votes, was elected and will be active in the name of the 15th Student Council of HKUGA College in the 2024-25 academic school year. Congratulations, Concordia!


S4U Rochelle Chung

17 April 2024 - Student Council Election17 April 2024 - Student Council Election17 April 2024 - Student Council Election