14 November 2023 - Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders

14 Nov 2023
Student Leadership

Reunite and reignite! In the crisp morning air of eager anticipation, we gathered at the amphitheater as the 23-24 Student Inauguration Ceremony commenced. Held on November 14, we commemorated a momentous event that marked the beginning of an exciting academic year. The ceremony was designed to induct new student leaders of HKUGAC, setting the stage for a year filled with growth, learning and memorable experiences.


We marched into the amphitheater as the ceremony began. Our former Student Council’s vice president Charlotte Wan and current Student Council’s president Rochelle Chung then gave inspirational speeches to the school, setting the tone for the event. After that, all student leaders representees rose and pledged to serve the school. I strongly resonated with a sentence in the pledge:


“We acknowledge that leadership is not a path to privilege; it is a responsibility, it is a sincere desire to serve.”


That shall be an encouragement for all our student leaders to uphold our identity!


After the pledge, we expressed our gratitude by presenting faculty members and past members of the student leadership teams with heartfelt gifts. The foundations and contributions made by the student leaders and faculty members are crucial to our success and are acknowledged highly. The exchange filled the entire amphitheater with warmth, pride, and gratitude, as we recognized the collaborative efforts that shape our school community.


After the pledge, our principal Ms Chen gave us some words of wisdom, and emphasized our theme for the year: Reunite and Reignite. As we return to our normal life following Covid-19, it is time for us to serve as a unity and to rekindle the flames inside our heart to serve and create the uplifting spirit of our school. Copland’s House Captain Ron Yip then further reinforced the theme, encouraging us to persevere through the challenges we face.


As a finale, we united together by singing the school song. In that moment, a profound sense of togetherness and determination enveloped us. Let us all give our best to serve the school community and carry forward the remarkable legacy, reunited and reginited!


S4H (01) Chan Daniel

14 November 2023 - Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders14 November 2023 - Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders14 November 2023 - Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders14 November 2023 - Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders