10 November 2018 - BASF Kid’s Lab Challenge 2018

10 Nov 2018

Ken and Austin of S4CH participated in the “BASF kids' lab challenge 2018” this year. Together, they came up with an experiment for BASF's Kids' Lab Workshop 2019 - a food-powered boat.


They expressed that they faced a lot of challenges throughout the entire nerve-racking process. Nevertheless, they won second place in the competition. They would like to express their gratitude to all the teachers who gave them advice, including Ms. Sheik, Mr. Chan, Mr. Yu and Ms. Ma. “Not only did we learn from our own experiment, but we also cherished the luxury of listening and learning from other presentations during the finals,” they said. “We would like to give a special mention to the winning team, as we were impressed by their interesting edible water bottle experiment.”


Winning second place in the competition won them 2 interviews from the media: (1) SingTao and (2) South China Morning Post. The interviews served as a great learning experience for the students. They felt really proud to showcase their experiment to the public and they sincerely hope other students can learn more about chemistry from their fun food-powered experiment.


They believe that by joining competitions with the elements of STEM, students can benefit a lot, especially with how to think out of the box. They enjoyed finding creative ways to deal with the problems that they faced regarding the design of their experiment and hope that competitions such as this can help promote student's interest in STEM learning.

BASF Kid’s Lab Challenge 2018BASF Kid’s Lab Challenge 2018BASF Kid’s Lab Challenge 2018