1 December 2018 - Green Energy Dream Comes True 2018 Competition

01 Dec 2018

Environmental protection and energy conservation have recently become topics of great concern to the community. In view of this, the Hong Kong Electric conceived a green dream by organizing a competition called “Green Energy Dream Comes True 2018”, which required students' imagination, creativity and utilization of technology.


When our Mathematics teachers, Mr Jonathan Yu and Mr. Wallace Ng, introduced the competition to us, a team called 「我 ‧ 惜電人」 was then formed by six of us who shared the same vision. After thorough planning, our proposal with the title “Installation of solar panels for reducing operating costs, and educating our next generation to save the planet” was submitted. It was then accepted by Hong Kong Electric and seed funding of $50 000 was granted.


To realize our plan, we visited Lamma Power Plant and gained more insights about the benefits of using solar panels. We also arranged site visits to Central, The Peak and Causeway Bay, where we experienced the negative impacts of greenhouse gases. To make our dream come true, we asked our school for more financial support. Thanks to the great support from our Principal and the school's Administration Department, we received a budget of $80 000. With guidance from Mr. Wallace Ng, we designed the Solar Power Security Lighting System and had it set up. We made use of it to conduct a feasibility study for our school when joining the Hong Kong Electric Feed-in Tariff Scheme. Moreover, we organized energy-saving competitions in classrooms to increase students’ awareness towards energy conservation and it turned out to be a huge success. Trained by Ms. Yemen Law, we were able to present the findings in our project vividly to our senior form schoolmates during the school’s OLE session.


Finally, the mission was accomplished! We came first in the competition with a total of three awards. We were the Overall Champion, won the Best Presenting Team Award and received the Social Media Promotion Award. The sky seems to be unreachable. However, with our effort and determination, one day our dream will come true.


Our team would like to show our appreciation to the three Mathematics teachers, Mr Wallace Ng, Ms Yemen Law and Mr Jonathan Yu. They provided a lot of guidance throughout the competition. Not only did they show their leadership and professionalism, they also demonstrated what real teamwork is. It was our honour working with them for eight months.

Steve Hung (S5CY)

Green Energy Dream Comes True 2018 CompetitionGreen Energy Dream Comes True 2018 CompetitionGreen Energy Dream Comes True 2018 Competition